A Simple Action Can Make A Big Impact

This post comes to us via Place Props, a smart phone app that can raise support for FamilyWorks.

A Seattle start-up has partnered with PP+ balloonFamilyWorks to raise money in a fun and unique way. The PlaceProps app is focused on improving the city of Seattle through consumer movement research. That research is supported by community businesses and city planners, helping them make better decisions about locating stores, services, and infrastructure in Seattle.

People make places matter. PlaceProps gives Seattleites an opportunity to contribute to local development projects.

FamilyWorks_Donation_ScreenBy simply downloading the PlaceProps mobile app, “Proppers” receive $65/year in rewards for contributing anonymous background location data. You can choose to donate these rewards to FamilyWorks to benefit your local family resource center and food bank! If just fifteen people designate FamilyWorks as their payment method, that would mean that FamilyWorks would receive $975/year in donations!

A small action, at no cost to you, can help fund resources for individuals and families in Seattle.

To download, search for PlaceProps in your iPhone or Android app store and set up an account using promo code: FMWRK.

To learn more, contact Annie Worman at support@avenace.com or visit www.facebook.com/placeprops.

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This Is How It Is Supposed To Work


How I came to love the Affordable Healthcare Act

This post was written by wonderful FamilyWorks Volunteer, David Tate detailing his recent experience accessing healthcare.

I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, no, let’s start at the beginning, I volunteer on a regular basis at the FamilyWorks food bank and after I “tweaked” my back doing some chores at home it soon became apparent that I could not do the normal chores of lifting and moving the many boxes of food we get on a daily basis.

It was requested by FamilyWorks staff to get medical clearance to return to my volunteer post. I knew that getting a routine clearance from my VA medical center would take weeks because of the patient backlog and being unemployed I could not afford to pay for a visit to a walk-in clinic. All I wanted to do was go back to work.

I was operating under the assumption, as it turned out to be wrong, that since I had VA coverage I could not have “Obama Care”. That was Thursday, May 1, 6 pm. I decided to get onto my computer and see if I could find some way to be seen that would not cost me any out of pocket money. It was during this search that I discovered that as a senior I was eligible for medicaid, known as Apple Health Care in this state.

I logged onto the web site, filled out the form and submitted it. Within 1 minute I was notified that not only was I eligible, I was enrolled and it would cost me nothing. The next morning I went to the 45th Street Clinc with the sole goal of setting up an appointment to have my back examined and acquiring a medical release. They went on line and verified I was enrolled, and told me that they had a cancellation and could see me right away.

That Friday morning, less that 24 hours from the time I was enrolled, I walked away with a medical release in hand, an appointment for a routine check up, a referral to a dermatologist to have a growth on my right temple evaluated for removal and an appointment with a wound care specialist to treat a foot problem.

Now that is how it is suppose to work. I could not be more pleased with the out come. It is now Monday evening and I had my first visit with the wound care specialist today and just received a call from the UW to set up an appointment with the dermatologist. Can you say “Happy Camper”.

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What: FamilyWork’s Annual Sunday SupperSavethedate Pic Dinner and Silent Auction

Date: October 26th, 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Where: Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom

On October 26, 2014 FamilyWorks will proudly host Sunday Supper: a benefit for FamilyWorks Food Bank and Resource Center. Longtime supporter Tom Douglas, once again, has generously volunteered space for the event in his Palace Ballroom in downtown Seattle. Along with great food, and an exciting silent auction we are honored to have Gene Kahn, former CEO and Founder of Cascadian Farms, as our key note speaker.


2014 Sponsors

molly-moonBanner Bank      Resources Global Professionals

     Jamie Flaxman-Coldwell Bank Bain 

The Parks Family               Dick’s Drive-Ins 

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A Unique Wedding Registry

This post was written by Kathleen Chan, a FamilyWorks supporter.

Kathleen & Mike (photo by Kristin Hallak Photography and Design)

When we got engaged and started talking about wedding planning, we both knew that we wanted our wedding to be about more than just the two of us. As Christians, we want both our wedding and marriage to point back to Jesus, and for every aspect of our life–including our wedding–to serve those around us. Kathleen’s previous church, Anchor, currently supports FamilyWorks with diaper donations and she proposed the idea of including diapers for FamilyWorks on their registry. Mike wholeheartedly agreed.

Neither one of us have kids, but even so, we know that not being able to put a child in clean diapers is a problem that no parent should have to face. We love this city, the people in it, and we are thankful for the opportunity to participate in serving this city. We have been abundantly blessed and we would love to use our wedding as a way to bless FamilyWorks and fill up their diaper stockpile for the mothers they serve!

To donate diapers, visit our registry.

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Some Inspiring Students

This post was written by Elizabeth Ralston, FamilyWorks Volunteer Coordinator

Poster 4

JSIS Student & Her Poster

John Stanford International School has partnered with FamilyWorks for their Community Action Project during the month of May. To market the project to the school community, the students made signs and teachers wrote and distributed a flyer describing the project in great detail.

On May 14, sixteen student representatives from the school visited our organization to learn more about what we do

Touring the Food Bank

and get answers to some of their questions. The students got a tour of the resource center and food bank and learned about our programs and the people we serve. They came back to their classrooms and shared what they learned.

One of the burning questions asked was: “Why do you want peanut butter and diapers?” And the answer is:

Many people who use our food bank don’t have refrigerators or a place to store meat and other perishable food. Second, many people do not have a stove or a means to cook meat or tofu. Peanut butter is a very easy and simple snack—it is a great source of protein and can be put in a purse or backpack and eaten/applied directly from the jar if needed.

Diapers are so expensive that many people struggle to make the ones they have last as long as possible and this often means having children wear soiled diapers longer (which has health consequences). Some people try to re-use soiled diapers by washing them and cleaning them as best they can, to make them last longer. Also, many people cannot afford purchasing cloth diapers and covers, not to mention the cost of washing machines or laundromat fees to wash cloth diapers.

You can read more about the JSIS student’s experience here.

Tower of Diapers and Peanut Butter

So far we have received 170 jars of peanut butter and 4,320 diapers, plus cash donations totalling $519.73, as a result of the JSIS student’s initiative and heart for their neighbors. Truly inspiring.

Thank you JSIS, especially Ms. Gillespie and the incredible students, for your amazing support of FamilyWorks!


JSIS Student Representatives



Interested in doing something like this? It’s easy! Just give us a call at 206-576-6534 or email elizabethr@familyworksseattle.org and we will get you started!



We at FamilyWorks thought this was pretty cool. On top of everything the students at John Stanford have accomplished just last weekend four students from JSIS held a bake sale to benefit FamilyWorks and raised $71.52!!! Way to go girls!


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Service + Learning

The following post was written by Mandy Levenberg, a FamilyWorks supporter and parent of students who recently participated in a school-wide effort to procure items for customers of FamilyWorks.

Every spring my daughters Zoe and Stella’s school picks a civic area to focus on for a CAP (community action project) photo1and this year they focused on giving to our local community, to FamilyWorks, the food bank and family resource center here in Wallingford. Zoe’s teacher Ms. Margie challenged the kids to think about what their individual contribution would be for this all-school project. Zoe wrote me a letter asking me to help her with her decided activity: she wanted to stand in front of the QFC grocery store and collect peanut butter and diapers for FamilyWorks.


Making the sign

The kids have been learning about what are the most needed items at the food bank and it sounds like peanut butter and diapers are the two biggest needed items. Zoe made really great posters that explained the project, she and I worked on a handout that explained what FamilyWorks does, then we headed to QFC.


The haul

Zoe was great she actually pitched a bunch of people walking into the store to buy diapers or peanut butter and give it to us on the way out. People were incredibly generous and the final tally of all of the donations was 33 jars of peanut butter and 21 packs if diapers! I couldn’t be prouder of my girls and of our community for being so generous -what a great learning experience for everyone!

P.S. – I should mention- the manager Scott at QFC was more than helpful. We sprung this on him and he was great about finding us a space outside  . Great community effort!!!

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Giving Garden Kickoff!

This post was written by Leah Knopf, our MSW Intern.

Thank you to the 17 Family Volunteering Program participants who attended our new Giving Garden project kickoff! FamilyWorks and the Wallingford Community Senior Center have partnered to create a Giving Garden to grow fresh produce for the FamilyWorks Food Bank and Senior Center. During the kickoff, participants planted tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans and made garden crafts. We are excited to continue to engage in community nourishment and multi-generational connection!

According to Seattle’s Giving Garden Network, a Giving Garden is, “where people grow food to help those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.” Seattle has dozens of Giving Gardens, and we look forward to joining the effort. To learn more, visit sggn.org. We would love help in maintaining the garden all summer long, so if you are interested in signing up to water, weed, or harvest, please contact Elizabeth Ralston at elizabethr@familyworksseattle or call 206-576-6534.


Planting Tomatoes!

Planting Tomatoes!

Reading about vegetables.

Reading about vegetables.

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