State education in ‘crisis,’ chief says

Internal Strife in the Public School System over Budget Cuts….. Read more:

State education in ‘crisis,’ chief says.



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2 responses to “State education in ‘crisis,’ chief says

  1. Among the progrms being cut is the HIGHLY successful Washington Reading Corps! Up to 14,000 struggling readers in elementary schools and early learning sites throughout Washington state will lose their Washington Reading Corps (WRC) tutors due to cuts in Governor Gregoire’s proposed budget.

    The state’s share of the program cost for the next biennium would be $2.3 million through funding to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. That funding would leverage $8.52 million in federal money from the Corporation for National and Community Service to complete the budget for the WRC. Based on the 13,243 students tutored by the WRC in 2007-2008, the cost to the state was $79.74 per student.

    Beacon Hill Elementary Principal Susie Murphy says the WRC has been vital to her students. “WRC tutors have helped our students dramatically improve their reading performance. They work one-on-one with our students, accelerating their literacy skills and dramatically increasing their overall academic success.”

    During the past year, the WRC helped 85% of the students it served increase their reading by one grade level or more. More than half of the students tutored were brought up to grade level, even though many have started three to four levels back.

    During the 2007-2008 school year, the WRC placed 302 AmeriCorps and VISTA members in 85 elementary schools and 19 early learning sites throughout Washington state. In addition to their direct tutoring, members recruited 3,754 community volunteers who donated 42,717 hours of tutoring service (valued at $19.51/hour = $833.409). WRC members also hosted more than 300 Family Literacy Events which brought 30,000 parents and caregivers into their children’s schools and early learning centers.

    An additional economic impact of the WRC is that the 300+ AmeriCorps members spend their living allowance in state, which collectively totals over $6.9 million for the biennium.

  2. wordheath

    So sad the false priorities — trillions of funds for invasion-warfare, cut-backs in funding for humane social programs, education, health care, community art programs.

    Fortunately — more persons are organizing to make a progressive agenda 🙂 Thanks FamilyWorks, for being a part of such an agenda 🙂

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