Dog Food Bank opens in Oregon

In this economy, humans aren’t the only animals suffering. Clackamas County charity partners with Meals on Wheels to create a moving dog food bank as well as a more traditional food bank for dog owners whose food stamp benefits don’t cover dog food. What do you think? Is this something that Wallingford needs? FamilyWorks does happily and gratefully accept and distribute pet food in addition to its human food, but only in relatively small quantities….

Dog Food Bank opens in Oregon | Animal News | | News for Seattle, Washington .



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2 responses to “Dog Food Bank opens in Oregon

  1. Jake

    We will accept and distribute donations of pet food ANY time at our food bank! It’s not something that we get in frequently or abundantly, but pet owners sure could use it. We could use some help getting the pet stores involved if you’d like to make a contact for us! Thanks..

  2. Absolutely Wallingford should have one, even if it is done at a local level through pet stores where people can go to donate and then have the food distributed to the shelters. Have it super simple for people to be able to donate. Pet stores would be best. People can leave a couple of extra bucks with their visit. My family and I are supporters of Pasado’s safe haven and have our first daughter a chocolate lab.

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