Washington to trash 65,000 WASL tests

Washington decided not to allow early WASL testing – to save money. Unfortunately, 65,000 WASL tests had already been printed by the time they made the decision. So all 65,000 of those tests have now been trashed. Yes, you read that right – TRASHED! (Unfortunately, the WASL itself was not trashed….) What? You like the WASL? Hate it? Hm. Comment away…. Full story below:

Washington to trash 65,000 WASL tests.


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One response to “Washington to trash 65,000 WASL tests

  1. Literacy smashes poverty! The Washington Reading Corps helps up to 14,000 struggling readers each year to improve their skills and their futures. Gov. Gregoire left it out of the state budget for the next biennium. $2.3 million would leverage $8.5 million in federal funds. The cost to WA: just $79.74 a child. The impact: 85% of the kids improve at least a grade level; over half get up to current grade level, even though for many that means a jump of 3-4 levels!
    PLEASE call the legislative hotline 1-800-562-6000 and ask your state reps and senators to RESTORE FUNDING to the WASHINGTON READING CORPS!

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