A New Take on Growing Potatoes

Okay, so potatoes just might be one of this blogger’s very-most-favorite foods. But regardless of her particular fondness for the root, which can be cooked in so many ways (though when caught in a pinch while living in Viet Nam, she’s even eaten them raw), potatoes are also an important source of potassium and other vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are a filling staple in food banks. (Interestingly, WIC has taken potatoes off the produce list for this year.) Anyway, would you like to grow your own? Don’t have a huge garden of the type needed to grow potatoes? Here’s a solution for you: grow them in a garbage can! Click here to find out how! If the FamilyWorks blogger can come up with a drill and a garbage can, she’ll test it out herself and keep you apprised of how it’s going. Thanks for the Twip, Feeding America, and – if you haven’t already, find and follow both Feeding America and FamilyWorks on Twitter!



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5 responses to “A New Take on Growing Potatoes

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  3. I’m picking up my garbage can tomorrow…. I hope to have ’em in the ground as soon as the last frost danger has passed!

  4. Jake

    I think I’ll give it a try, too! Love ’em roasted!

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