TWELVE TONS of Dog Food – Thrown Away???

Upset by the Thought of Hungry Dogs
Sea-Tac Airport has dog food. They’ve been using it as fake luggage-weights. They’re now ready to get rid of it. They voted today on whether or not to donate the 12 TONS of near-expiration-date dog food to area food banks, which would in turn distribute it to local food banks (we hope FamilyWorks!). Given the overwhelming popularity of our post on the Oregon dog food bank (it is to-date one of our most popular posts), we thought we’d alert you to this vote that will decide the fate of the twelve, yes we repeat twelve TONS, of dog food that could be going to hungry, needy, sometimes homeless dogs. So comment away, on our blog, and let the airport know what you think. Alternatively, you can call Sea-Tac yourself and let them know how important this dog food can be for Seattle’s hungry pets. (By the way, above is a photo of Stripey, who’s always hungry, upset at the thought of other dogs going hungry.)

King 5 News Story Here .

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One response to “TWELVE TONS of Dog Food – Thrown Away???

  1. gaabi

    That would be a horrible waste and there are many individuals and families who need help feeding their animals now, and even if they didn’t, why waste it? They should absolutely donate that dog food.

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