Baltimore’s New School Lunch Concept



Tasting Baby Radish Greens

Here’s an inspiring story on Tony Geraci and the Baltimore Public Schools. Together, they’ve begun several greenhouse farms to incubate plants for Baltimore schools’ own gardens. Then they will grow produce to serve in restaurants – giving the kids a first-hand look at food issues and how food gets to their forks. Moreover, Geraci’s farms are supplying fresh produce for school lunches, helping revitalize a free- and reduced-lunch system that leaves many of Baltimore’s kids hungry or disgusted – and thus unable to learn. Check out the article if you want to feel happy about food and Baltimore and kids. Want to bring such a program to your child’s school? Good news: if you live in Seattle or Highline Districts, you may already have such a program……

Baltimore’s Head of School Lunches Is Transforming the City’s Program –

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