TONIGHT – Christmas in June for FamilyWorks!

(This event was snowed out in December, and is rescheduled for TONIGHT!)

For going on twenty years “It’s a Guitar Outlaw Christmas Chorale” has brought its unique take on the Holiday Season to the Fabulous Eastlake Zoo, and every holiday season The Outlaws have raised money and collected food for local food banks.  On June 8 they will bring a bit of Christmas to the summer with a live recording session and benefit for FamilyWorks.  The Guitar Outlaws will record over 9 of their original Christmas compositions and you’re invited to be a member of the live studio/tavern audience.  Such original Christmas gems as “Spending Christmas With My Sisters Kids”, “Oh Space Needle”, “Looking for Santa Claus”, and “Christmas in the Drunk Tank” will be reprised and recorded for posterity.  So… if for some strange reason the idea of spending a Monday evening paying tribute to our Christmas ritual while quaffing a few beers, and raising money for a good cause appeals to you, well then we guarantee one heck of a good time.

As an aside, did you know that the Eastlake Zoo Tavern was voted the BEST DIVE BAR in Seattle Magazine, Reader’s Choice Awards 2009? 

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