Sunday Afternoon in Wallingford

Several months ago, we posted Seattle Weekly’s Phinney Ridge slideshow, as it’s one of the neighborhoods we serve. But this week, we’re delighted to see our very own front yard on the Wallingford Neighborhood slideshow: Boys & Girls Club (Home to FamilyWorks’ tutoring program), Molly Moon’s (staff favorite lunch spot), more Molly Moon’s (also staff favorite dinner spot), dogs in front of MM (get the picture? They’re also a sponsor of our upcoming annual dinner!) Wallingford QFC (host of innumerable diaper and food drives, including one on the 20th!), the sunshine sign across the street, Chile Pepper’s- the local Mexican restaurant, etc. Did you ever wonder who waters the plants on 45th? Even the infamously-always-off-schedule Metro Route 16 gets a mention. Check it out and see our community. We’re sure we’d have been in it too had it not been a Sunday afternoon when they were shooting for the slideshow.



Seattle Slideshows – Seattle People: Sunday Afternoon in Wallingford.


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