Welcome Back, Ava and CeCe

Ava returns to FamilyWorks this week after a month of vacation. Welcome back, Ava! Important things to know about this welcome:P2073471.JPG

1. We are certainly happy to have Ava back, but perhaps more importantly,we are happy to have our unofficial virtual Food Bank mascot, CeCe the Dog, back in our (virtual) lives.

2. Ava was in North Carolina, home to the Tar Heels, who have won SIX NCAA Men’s Basketball championships. Lest you think North Carolina as a state simply breeds basketball players, Ava will remind you that certain other schools in the state (who will remain nameless) have only won 3, 2, or (ahem) 0 championships! Thus, it must be Chapel Hill, and not North Carolina generally, that breeds championships.

3. CeCe is the virtual Food Bank mascot, and Stripey (seen in earlier posts) is the unofficial virtual Resource Center mascot. They do not compete for the FamilyWorks overall virtual mascot position; they share it.

4. Note: Animals are not allowed in the building, including our virtual mascots. But they don’t mind; they have better things to sniff than all our delicious food in the food bank and the clean diapers in the resource center. They prefer rotten foods and dirty diapers anyway!

Ava & CeCe


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