Seattle’s Bag Fee and the Poor

Thanks to CAMP for highlighting the affects on the poor of the proposed Seattle 20-cent bag fee.  Our clients will be affected the same way.

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One response to “Seattle’s Bag Fee and the Poor

  1. lilberkienov20

    Perhaps a more responsible way to limit the adverse affect on those who are low-income would be to spread the bag fee to other establishments frequented by other groups of people, e.g. clothing stores. After all, while people who are low-income do buy food and health products, they are less likely to be shopping for clothes. And really, it’s pretty indefensible of CAMP to call their “study” reliable – it was hardly large enough for its data to be valid. Or was it? We actually don’t know from that article….

    I highly doubt a 20-cent bag fee is going to make or break a low-income family (trust me, as a member of the ranks of the unemployed, I know). But I would be surprised if it doesn’t make many wealthy members of our society think twice about convenience at the sake of the environment. THAT is the whole point.

    Bagmonster, please chime in!

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