Volunteers for Food Drives Needed

Help us keep our food bank stocked with nutritious food!  FamilyWorks is looking for volunteers to help with food drives at two local grocery stores.   Duties include handing out flyers and placinVolunteers collecting food at QFCg donated food into bins.  The following dates and times are available.  We ask that volunteers commit to 1-2 hour shifts.


Wallingford QFC (Adults only due to construction):

Saturday Nov. 7th 10am – 3pm

Saturday Nov 21st – 10am – 3pm


Roosevelt Safeway (families & youth volunteers welcome)

Saturday Nov 21st 10am – 3pm

December 5th – 10 am – 3pm

December 19th – 10am – 3pm

To volunteer contact Kate at katebg@familyworksseattle.org or 206-694-6725.

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