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Thank You to Adobe!

FamilyWorks extends a huge thank you to Adobe, a long-time FamilyWorks supporter! Adobe employees like Roberta Lord, who have been volunteering in the FamilyWorks food bank once or twice a week for years, have witnessed first-hand the changing face of hunger. Roberta was so moved by the growing need in our community that she approached FamilyWorks Food Bank Manager Ava Dowell about organizing a major Adobe food drive to benefit FamilyWorks.

Together, Roberta, Ava, and Adobe’s Seattle Action Committee planned a competitive food drive with specific areas of need: no-cook bags, baby items, gas and transportation, and general food bank items. Roberta designed shopping lists and donation sheets, Molly Ruf and Todd Heckle (other Adobe employees) designed posters, and the Adobe Site Council lent their support by promoting a specific area of need each week.

Most impressively, Tim Roth and the second floor of the Adobe building had a three-way competition to see who could raise the most money and collect the most food. All three groups did an amazing job – one team raised $2000!

Adobe as a corporation chose to match donations 2:1 for the month of November, and even did the matching paperwork themselves! Adobe also inspired other community partnerships: The Watermark Café allowed people to donate at the register using their credit and debit cards.

All in all, Adobe employees donated over $4000 in cash, which was matched twice by Adobe, and they collected over 1000 pounds of food and baby supplies for FamilyWorks in a record-breaking food drive! We and our clients would like to extend a generous thank you for Adobe’s continued support!

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