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Sharing the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from FamilyWorks!

Last week, students from John Stanford International School and Meridian School handcrafted hundreds of unique Valentine’s Day cards. As shown below, the time spent crafting the cards was evident in their unique and beautiful designs. With encouragement from our MSW Intern, Virginia, the students made these lovely Valentines for customers of the FamilyWorks Food Bank, recognizing that these members of their community could potentially benefit from such an act of kindness; something to nourish their souls, in addition to nourishing their bodies. They were absolutely right, and their thoughtfulness went a long way.

On Thursday and Friday, the Valentines were personally distributed to customers, while they waited in the food bank’s queue. The timing was purposeful, as it allowed for a moment of reflection and communication. The impact was extremely heartwarming to witness. Recipients were visibly touched and appreciative that the local youth had taken time to make the cards, with them in mind. Many customers teared up. It was especially meaningful to our many elderly community members, many of whom live alone and often feel isolated. One elderly man returned, after leaving earlier with his supplies, to express his immense gratitude for the kind gesture. He shook hands with every FamilyWorks volunteer on the line, thanking them for their service.

Sometimes, we underestimate the power of human connection. The students’ Valentines are a perfect example of how even the simplest act of kindness can have an unexpected and lasting impact. A great thought to keep in mind on this day of love (and kindness)!

FamilyWorks would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to the students and teachers at John Stanford International School and Meridian School.

~Bromley Autier

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