Why I Support FamilyWorks – Geoff Cole

Geoff Cole

Geoff Cole

“Ever since I can remember, the idea of people going hungry, even starving to death, horrified me.  I grew up in a poor family with few luxuries, but we always had simple but wholesome food on the table.  As an adult I have gravitated toward charities that addressed the problem of hunger, and when I moved to Seattle I began contributing to what was then called the Fremont Food Bank.

That organization moved from Aurora Avenue to its current location on 45th, and FamilyWorks was born.  My first contact with Jake Weber, FamilyWorks’ Executive Director, occurred when my partner and I attended a FamilyWorks fundraising dinner.  I am a loyal monthly contributor to Family Works because of my commitment to ending hunger, but I’m also drawn to the staff’s leadership, compassion and knack for community building and plain fun.”

Geoff is a long-time supporter of FamilyWorks and if you’d like to meet Geoff in person he’ll be leading the Waltz instruction at the Dance 4 Wallingford event on Saturday the 11th. Thank you Geoff, and thank you to all of the gracious donors who make this work possible.

Please remember to support FamilyWorks during the GiveBIG campaign on May 15th.


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