Support Through “The Storm”



Jerry Kahn has been a customer of the FamilyWorks’ food bank since March 2012 when , as he says, he was caught in the “perfect storm of divorce, depression, and a bad economy.” He discovered the benefits of food banks by word of mouth, and then finally landed at FamilyWorks by means of online resources.  Jerry has found a place of community, respect, and comfort at FamilyWorks. Since he first starting coming to FamilyWorks Jerry has received a degree in deep sea diving, has been able to work intermittently, and has met his lifelong partner.

Even after finding his “way through the storm” Jerry still continues to be a participating member at the FamilyWorks food bank. He states that he still has a ways to go, and is continuing to seek out stable employment. Jerry is grateful for the support FamilyWorks has given him and hopes to one day be able to give back to the organization that has supported him through the difficult times in his life.

Please remember to support FamilyWorks during the GiveBIG campaign on May 15th and partner with us in making ours a more vibrant and resilient community.


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