How I Support FamilyWorks

This post was written by Emily Colleran.

Emily Colleran

Emily Colleran

My name is Emily Colleran and I am 10 years old.  My Mom and I learned about FamilyWorks from a school friend’s Mom, and we really liked it because it helps families.

Every year at my birthday party, I ask my friends to bring items to donate to FamilyWorks instead of presents.  My friends always bring lots of items and we fill up the back of my Mom’s car!  I have done this for 6 years.  I started asking for items at my 4-year old birthday party, and I will do it again in December at my 11-year old birthday party.  Everyone at FamilyWorks makes me feel very special when I bring in my items.  We weigh the items, take pictures and then everyone sings Happy Birthday to me.  I really like helping out families especially during the holidays.

Right now I am working towards my black belt in karate and one of the requirements is community service so I hope to volunteer in the Food Bank sometime this year.  Thank you FamilyWorks for letting me be part of your team!


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2 responses to “How I Support FamilyWorks

  1. shannon h

    I feel blessed to know Emily who is a kids girl that wants to make a postive impact in the community! Thank you Emily!

  2. WithinReach

    Awesome! You are an inspiration!

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