Offering Support and Dignity

The following was written by a customer of the FamilyWorks’ Foodbank.

Mini Squash

Organic Vegetables at the FW Foodbank

FamilyWorks has supported me by providing a weekly supplement to the food I eat.  At the foodbank there are always a few types of raw vegetables or fruit, and sometimes these are organic.  I’ve been sick with a little-understood but increasingly prevalent condition called Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT), also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  I’ve already had to leave one job because of fragrance problems.  In trying to improve my resilience to the many sources of chemical exposure in daily life, pesticide-free produce is particularly helpful.

Although I have a job, I have a lot of health-related expenses not covered by insurance.  Every dollar I can save on food is a dollar I can spend on paying an electric bill, a utility bill, or health provider bills.  On a limited income, every little bit saved reduces economic stress, and stress impacts health.

Food Bank Staff and Volunteers

Food Bank Staff and Volunteers

I’ve always felt at the Family Works foodbank that I’ve been received with respect.  Never have I felt humiliated to be in a foodbank line, even though I never imagined I’d have to stand in one.  These are challenging economic times for a lot of people, and I like that the foodbank is open to everyone.  I don’t have to prove that I’m needy and deprived in order to receive services.  This allows me dignity in a tough situation.  A huge thank you to Family Works for being an important part of making a healthier, more inclusive community for all of us.

Ellie (last name withheld on request)


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