“It takes all I have to keep a roof over my head”

The FamilyWorks Food Bank is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy groceries to people and families in our community. This can be a lifeline for individuals who have limited resources available each month and need a hand in making their paycheck stretch a little further. Such was the experience of Caroline, a CNA caregiver and FamilyWorks customer.

Caroline’s finances recently took a one-two punch when both the elderly client she was caring for went to a nursing home and her savings had to be put toward a costly car repair. Caroline recently shared her story with us:



“A few months ago I lost almost 60% of my income and am trying to stay afloat paying my bills. I finally realized that buying food was the last thing on my mind. I ate all that I had in my apartment and had reached the end of my rope. While reading a book from the library it was brought to my attention that food banks existed, so I went back to the library and did some research and found FamilyWorks Food Bank. I am so thankful because without this resource I would have nothing to eat because at the end of every paycheck the last thing on my mind is food because it takes all I have to keep a roof over my head.”

Caroline loves working with people and lending a helping hand, so while she is looking for more work she is also helping us by volunteering every Friday at the Food Bank!

Like many in our community Caroline’s story in not unique. Fortunately, like Caroline, customers of FamilyWorks can find nourishment at our Food Bank and gain access to vital resources at our Family Resource Center. Both sets of services help these individuals and families get back on their feet and weather difficult seasons.

During this holiday season please consider making a donation to FamilyWorks and join with us in cultivating a more vibrant and resilient community for everyone.

Make an online donation to FamilyWorks today.

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by | December 20, 2013 · 1:43 pm

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