The Power of Connections

Accessing job, parenting or other types of resources can be difficult if you don’t know where to find them. Fortunately, FamilyWorks offers a variety of ways to equip and connect people and families with the resources they need. 

The following letter was food bank hands (from 2013 dinner video)written by a customer of FamilyWorks who was able to access vital parenting and community resources as a result of working with our staff. The letter is shared with her permission.

Dear Mrs. Weber,

My name is Anisa and I am from Somalia. My family and I are in your program. Somalia is a place of war and turmoil. It is where dreams are taken away because of civil war. Everyone in the country is affected including older adults, young people, and babies. War destroys safety most of all, but also education, jobs, health, and good income. In my case, even though I had my health, I didn’t have my education, job, or any kind of income. I was a kind of limbo. Because I believe risk can create opportunity, I decided to come to the USA.

After I came to the USA, my life improved dramatically. I was feeling lonely and not knowing this country. I met you, Jake, and you are most welcoming person I have ever met and your program helped me to take a CPR and parenting classes which helped a lot for my family. You also give me opportunity to volunteer at Food Bank which was the greatest experience I have ever had. You introduced me to Mayor Mike McGinn. He told me about the possibility of an exciting position. This would be a Somalian outreach engagement project that shows me motivation to achieve my goal.

Thank you for all your help and support. My family and I are very grateful I met you and your program. FamilyWorks is my “911.”



–Please consider supporting FamilyWorks during the Give BIG campaign on May 6.

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