FamilyWorks: A Refuge and Emotional Boost

The following post was written by Melody, a parent who utilizes FamilyWorks’ Resource Center.

I came across FamilyWorks Seattle while looking for housing and other resources for my children and myself. Lexi is one of the resource specialists at FamilyWorks, and the first person I met there. She helped to walk me through the process of getting housing resources from 211 and directed me to several other places where I might be able to receive services as well. Several weeks later I ran into her again and she instantly recognized me and asked after my situation.



Lexi also connected me with Sarah, the Family Programs Coordinator at FamilyWorks. My son Pacific has a rare genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum where exposure to UV light is deadly and it is a daily challenge for us to find safe spaces where he can get out and play. Sarah invited us to visit their playroom, and helped us in accommodating Pacific’s special needs in the space. They have it stocked with all kinds of toys and art materials for children from birth through preschool.

Pacific and Sarah

Pacific and Sarah

We now visit there at least once a week for free play. On days that they have playgroups, he is able to spend time with other children, do craft activities, and participate in stories and singing with the group.

FamilyWorks is a welcoming place for families of all kinds. Sarah’s support of my family utilizing the playroom regularly has been a consistent emotional boost during a difficult period. I’m so grateful for everything FamilyWorks has done for us.

Please consider making a donation to FamilyWorks on May 6th, during GiveBIG.


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