GiveBIG is almost here!

Over the last few weeks of April it’s likely you’ve heard something about this “GiveBIG.” For all of you wondering, “What the heck is that?” let us explain:

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event meant to inspire people to give generously, on May 6th, to Seattle area nonprofit organizations who make our region a stronger, more vibrant community for all.GiveBIG2014NPO_web_badge1

What’s more is that a percentage of every GiveBIG donation made on May 6th will be matched! This mean that the donation you make to FamilyWorks through The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG Campaign will have an even greater impact on the individuals and families we serve.

Note – One trick about the match though; only donations made on May 6th through The Seattle Foundation’s website will receive the GiveBIG match. Here is a link to that site.

*To spice things up a bit we have a small prize for the individuals making the 1st and 17th (in honor of FamilyWorks’ 17th year of operation) donations for GiveBIG.

We encourage you to join our supporters in “GivingNaomi & Pat WIC Big” on May 6th and to join us in Nourishing, Connecting and Empowering our most vulnerable neighbors.

Click Here to GiveBIG to FamilyWorks!


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