Giving Garden Kickoff!

This post was written by Leah Knopf, our MSW Intern.

Thank you to the 17 Family Volunteering Program participants who attended our new Giving Garden project kickoff! FamilyWorks and the Wallingford Community Senior Center have partnered to create a Giving Garden to grow fresh produce for the FamilyWorks Food Bank and Senior Center. During the kickoff, participants planted tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans and made garden crafts. We are excited to continue to engage in community nourishment and multi-generational connection!

According to Seattle’s Giving Garden Network, a Giving Garden is, “where people grow food to help those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.” Seattle has dozens of Giving Gardens, and we look forward to joining the effort. To learn more, visit We would love help in maintaining the garden all summer long, so if you are interested in signing up to water, weed, or harvest, please contact Elizabeth Ralston at elizabethr@familyworksseattle or call 206-576-6534.


Planting Tomatoes!

Planting Tomatoes!

Reading about vegetables.

Reading about vegetables.

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