A Unique Wedding Registry

*Quick update to Kathleen’s original post – because of Kathleen & Mike’s registry 20 boxes of diapers, valued at over $580, were donated to FamilyWorks! Thank you Kathleen & Mike, and congratulations!

This post was written by Kathleen Chan, a FamilyWorks supporter. Originally posted on 6/19/14

Kathleen & Mike (photo by Kristin Hallak Photography and Design)

When we got engaged and started talking about wedding planning, we both knew that we wanted our wedding to be about more than just the two of us. As Christians, we want both our wedding and marriage to point back to Jesus, and for every aspect of our life–including our wedding–to serve those around us. Kathleen’s previous church, Anchor, currently supports FamilyWorks with diaper donations and she proposed the idea of including diapers for FamilyWorks on their registry. Mike wholeheartedly agreed.

Neither one of us have kids, but even so, we know that not being able to put a child in clean diapers is a problem that no parent should have to face. We love this city, the people in it, and we are thankful for the opportunity to participate in serving this city. We have been abundantly blessed and we would love to use our wedding as a way to bless FamilyWorks and fill up their diaper stockpile for the mothers they serve!

To donate diapers, visit our registry.

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