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Make A Child’s First Day Of School Special!

2014 flyer for school supply drive-page-001
Make a child’s first day of school special! Help us collect school supplies to give out to low income families who have children in the Seattle Public Schools. We need items such as: glue sticks, rulers, sticky notes, small scissors, highlighters, 3-ring binders, pens, markers, colored pencils, composition books, and spiral notebooks. If you’d like to do a supplies drive at your organization, give us a call, we can provide you with signage!
Please drop off supplies by August 15th @ 1501 N 45th St. Call 206-694-6727 if you have any questions.

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A Simple Action Can Make A Big Impact

This post comes to us via Place Props, a smart phone app that can raise support for FamilyWorks.

A Seattle start-up has partnered with PP+ balloonFamilyWorks to raise money in a fun and unique way. The PlaceProps app is focused on improving the city of Seattle through consumer movement research. That research is supported by community businesses and city planners, helping them make better decisions about locating stores, services, and infrastructure in Seattle.

People make places matter. PlaceProps gives Seattleites an opportunity to contribute to local development projects.

FamilyWorks_Donation_ScreenBy simply downloading the PlaceProps mobile app, “Proppers” receive $65/year in rewards for contributing anonymous background location data. You can choose to donate these rewards to FamilyWorks to benefit your local family resource center and food bank! If just fifteen people designate FamilyWorks as their payment method, that would mean that FamilyWorks would receive $975/year in donations!

A small action, at no cost to you, can help fund resources for individuals and families in Seattle.

To download, search for PlaceProps in your iPhone or Android app store and set up an account using promo code: FMWRK.

To learn more, contact Annie Worman at or visit

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This Is How It Is Supposed To Work


How I came to love the Affordable Healthcare Act

This post was written by wonderful FamilyWorks Volunteer, David Tate detailing his recent experience accessing healthcare.

I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, no, let’s start at the beginning, I volunteer on a regular basis at the FamilyWorks food bank and after I “tweaked” my back doing some chores at home it soon became apparent that I could not do the normal chores of lifting and moving the many boxes of food we get on a daily basis.

It was requested by FamilyWorks staff to get medical clearance to return to my volunteer post. I knew that getting a routine clearance from my VA medical center would take weeks because of the patient backlog and being unemployed I could not afford to pay for a visit to a walk-in clinic. All I wanted to do was go back to work.

I was operating under the assumption, as it turned out to be wrong, that since I had VA coverage I could not have “Obama Care”. That was Thursday, May 1, 6 pm. I decided to get onto my computer and see if I could find some way to be seen that would not cost me any out of pocket money. It was during this search that I discovered that as a senior I was eligible for medicaid, known as Apple Health Care in this state.

I logged onto the web site, filled out the form and submitted it. Within 1 minute I was notified that not only was I eligible, I was enrolled and it would cost me nothing. The next morning I went to the 45th Street Clinc with the sole goal of setting up an appointment to have my back examined and acquiring a medical release. They went on line and verified I was enrolled, and told me that they had a cancellation and could see me right away.

That Friday morning, less that 24 hours from the time I was enrolled, I walked away with a medical release in hand, an appointment for a routine check up, a referral to a dermatologist to have a growth on my right temple evaluated for removal and an appointment with a wound care specialist to treat a foot problem.

Now that is how it is suppose to work. I could not be more pleased with the out come. It is now Monday evening and I had my first visit with the wound care specialist today and just received a call from the UW to set up an appointment with the dermatologist. Can you say “Happy Camper”.

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