They “Give It All Away” To FamilyWorks

Holiday GGG“So good we give it all away!” is the business motto of Greater Good Granola and this holiday season they’re giving all of the profits from the sale of their amazing granola to FamilyWorks!

From now until December 31st, 2015, Greater Good Granola will donate all of their profits to FamilyWorks. It’s incredibly generous AND incredibly delicious. GGG’s granola is a favorite of our staff and if you haven’t had it yet you don’t know what you’re missing. Don’t believe me? Seattle Child’s magazine recently called Greater Good Granola the “true breakfast of champions.”

Last year GGG was able to make a $1,500 donation to FamilyWorks because of all the holiday sales. I’m guessing we can easily beat that and raise even more money this year!

To put in your order today go to Greater Good Granola’s order page. You can buy your granola in one-pound bags and right now GGG is having a special holiday promotion – when you buy 6 pounds you get one free! When you buy 12 pounds you get two free!!! Awesome right?

Spoon logoA bit about Greater Good Granola: it was founded by Mandy Levenberg, a consumer insights expert who has spent her career “advising companies and nonprofits about how to do good while doing good business.” Levenberg has only two goals for GGG: making delicious granola and donating 100% of the profits back to the community.

Levenberg explains, “Our granola is small batch, handcrafted, and custom-baked each time. We only use the highest-quality ingredients, choosing organic whenever possible. There are lots of special additions that make this baking logogranola so tasty — like pepitas [pumpkin seeds], unsweetened coconut ribbons, house-made vanilla salt, dried cherries, and real Vermont maple syrup!” Other ingredients include all-natural oats, pecans, sunflower seeds, organic olive oil, and homemade organic vanilla salt.

We hope you’ll support this amazing, local business and in turn support FamilyWorks!

For more information or to start purchasing this tasty granola check out the Greater Good Granola website, call 206-390-3682 or email



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2 responses to “They “Give It All Away” To FamilyWorks

  1. Parece que te ha gustado!!! Me alegro mucho.Soy un desastre con esto de hacer comentarios en los blogs : lo he intentado tres veces y todavía no lo he conseguido.Cuando vuelva ya te comentaré otra ruta que es muy interesante, quizás ya la conozcas. Es la del Cister, con los Monestirs de Santes Creus, Poblet y Vallbona de les Monges. Es una zona de interior, por lo que pierde el atractivo del mar, pero el paisaje también tiene su magia.Otra cosa buena de esta ruta : es una zona más barata y está muy cerca de Barcelona.

  2. Tosi hyviä ovat minustakin. Ja kun ovat niin hyvistä raise-ainaakta tehtyjä, niin niistä ihan hyvällä omalla tunnolla voi välillä nauttiakin. Ainoa huono puoli on se, että ne ovat usein loppu kaupasta 🙂 Löysin niitä jo muutama kuukausi sitten Ekolosta ja sen jälkeen olen monesti nähnyt pelkät tyhjät laatikot. Eli kun löydätte jostain niin ostakaa useampia kerralla 🙂

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