My Second Family

The following is a testimonial from a parent who has been a long-time participant of FamilyWorks’ Teen Parent Program.

The Teen Parent Program promotes the positive growth of teen parents by facilitating peer support groups, offering parenting classes/workshops, offering home visitations, as well as by providing one-on-one advocacy, guidance, encouragement, and support.

It’s clear that for this parent the program was a safe place, where her family could grow and thrive.


“I am a participant in FamilyWorks’ Teen Parent Program. I like to joke that I am the longest attending member. I have been part of the Teen Parent Program since the age of 13. I was pregnant then, and very, very young. Now 10 years later, I look back and think about the second family I have created with Gladys and the moms.

It’s hard to be a parent, especially as a teen. I was fortunate enough to be connected with Gladys and the group from the beginning, but I stop and think about the other mothers. Moms that struggle to find a place to live, to make ends meet, to be positive in life. The Teen Parent Program has created a place in which I feel that I belong, to know I am not alone in this journey.

If we want people in our community to do good, they need to feel good about themselves. As a teen parent, I was very insecure about my skills, and abilities to be a fit parent. Having a support network of other young mothers, helped me understand that I have a place where people value my presence and ideas.

“The Teen Parent Program has created a place in which I feel that I belong, to know I am not alone in this journey.”

There have been many memories that we have created as a group, fieldtrips, workshops, crying and support from one another. I have learned so much from Gladys, guest speakers, and the moms. I am 23 now, and aging out of the program this year. I will continue to be a part of the group as a volunteer.

FamilyWorks and the Teen Parent Program have impacted my life, the life of my son, as well as the other moms that have been a part of this program by providing a safe space for mothers like me. I feel so fortunate that I didn’t have to take this journey alone.”


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