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FamilyWorks Sunday Dinner & Auction

BlackRock Volunteers build muscle at the food bank

BlackRock Volunteers build muscle at the food bank

There’s community building going on in preparation for the September 27th FamilyWorks’ Sunday Dinner and Auction.   BlackRock is our major event sponsor this year and has teams of employees volunteering at the food bank as part of the partnership package. These volunteers will get a complimentary ticket to this extraordinary Tom Douglas’  meal and FamilyWorks program.  Companies like BlackRock and Adobe really put muscle behind the money by promoting volunteerism at the non-profits that they support.   Pictured here are BlackRock muscle builders at the food bank.    Check out the dinner tabs for more sponsors and auction information.    I’ll let you in on a few of my favorites:  glass sushi set, Dave Matthews tickets, 5 liter bottle of Chianti, Adobe Photoshop, Lunch with Frank Chopp, sailing, golfing, massages and more!  

Details include 5-7:30 pm at Pallace Ballroom, Eric Liu, speaker.  Call 206 694-6726 to RSVP.  $100 per plate ($50 tax deductible). Hope to see you there!


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Lauren’s 210-mile Charity Ride

It’s my turn to give Lauren (the FamilyWorks’ Tutoring Program Coordinator)  a break from blog posting and to ask you to check out the feature article on Lauren’s 210 mile “Get Your Guts In Gear” Charity ride. This August 7th ride benefits Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis organizations.  Her sister has battled Crohn’s disease for 20 years and this is a way for Lauren to support her sister and many others affected by these serious, life-long conditions.  The Journal did a great write up:

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Fifth Graders Rock

5thgraders_042309_002-13_ad_cropTwo fifth grade classes from Meridian School receive recognition for their service at the FamilyWorks Food Bank this year. Throughout the year on Wednesdays, the fifth grade classes would alternately work in the food bank sorting and packing food products. On Friday, during Meridian’s Service Day (and FamilyWorks Volunteer Appreciation Week), the students helped to distribute food to the customers and see the food bank in action. Congratulations to teachers, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Ward, and thank you to all the Meridian students!

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