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A Lifesaving Box Of Food

Hi Everyone, David Tate Here

I thought you might enjoy this.  I was out walking around my neighborhood some weeks back when I passed a young couple and their child.  The man stopped and gave me a curious look and said “I know you from somewhere.”  I did not recognize him and said that maybe he had seen me at FamilyWorks up by the library.  He face lit up, he pointed at me and said  “The foodbank!”   I said ”That makes sense, but I’m sorry I don’t recognize you.”

His wife said they remembered me as I was the one who got them signed up at the foodbank and introduced them to the Resource Center.  I asked them how they were doing and why we had not seen them recently and here is what they said.

A few months back he had lost his job and they were living out of their car with their three year old.  The wife told me that they were down to $20 in cash and desperately needed food, when someone told them about the FW foodbank.  They came down and we got them signed up and provided them with what she called “A lifesaving box of food.”  We also got them “hooked up” with the playgroup program and some housing resources.

They are now in housing and he has a full-time job working security at one of the local “big box” stores.  They both said that their experience with family works had been transforming and lifesaving and had played a huge part in helping them through what was a difficult and stressful time in their lives and they specifically asked me let everyone know how thankful they are for the help.

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Get Ready for the 61st Annual Wallingford Seafair Kiddies Parade!

Save the date for the Kiddies Parade and stop by the FamilyWorks table!

Wallingford Seafair Kiddies Parade & Street Fair
Saturday, July 10, 2010
Parade at 11 AM (on N 45th St)
Street Fair 10-5 PM (on Wallingford Ave)

Wallingford holds the longest continuous running Kiddies Parade in Seattle (since 1949!).  The 61st Annual Wallingford Seafair Kiddies Parade is a Seafair Sanctioned Community event designed for children young or old.  Families, groups and individuals are invited to participate.  All children are invited to march in the parade!  Family groups do not need to fill in an application, just come to the check-in tent (see map) .  Dressing in costume is encouraged, but not required. Just show up and register.  Drill Teams and vehicles must fill out an application and send it in by June 15th.  Join the Seafair clowns, various bands, pirates, fire trucks, and much more in a fun parade, then stop by the Wallingford Street fair for more fun, food, kids activities and rides.

Download:   Parade Application    Parade Rules    Parade Map

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Harlem Children’s Zone’s Geoffrey Canada Visits Seattle to Inspire

Geoffrey Canada, founder of Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) in New York City, is taking the nation by storm. His simple and straightforward message is that he will do “whatever it takes” to serve his community’s children and families. On February 9th, 2010, Mr. Canada came to the University of Washington to instill hope and motivate others to replicate his efforts. It is not hard to see success in similar programs in Seattle—FamilyWorks, for example, offers community programs that nurture, empower, and strengthen individuals and families from birth to adulthood.

Support at HCZ starts at birth, with parenting classes offered for expectant parents and those with children up to three years of age. It continues into preschool, where students are adequately prepared to enter kindergarten by participating in a program that teaches English, Spanish and French.

HCZ runs two charter schools for elementary school students: Promise Academy I and II. “Since their creation in 2004 and 2005, Promise Academy I and II elementary schools have done well enough to lead Harvard economist Roland Fryer to conclude that the students had actually closed the black-white achievement gap. The schools have a longer school day and year, and feature wide-ranging, enriching after-school programs. In 2009, the third-graders from both schools were 100 percent on or above grade level in the state-wide math program. At PA1 the third-graders were 94 percent on or above grade level in English Language Arts, while the third-graders at PAII were at 86 percent.” Students who do not attend these charter schools can still take part in Peacemakers, a program run by HCZ that “trains young people who are committed to making their neighborhoods safe for children and families.”

Of course, it doesn’t stop there: HCZ offers programs for middle and high school students that educate, coach, and nurture. This project pushes students to achieve by giving them the skills they need to succeed. They offer job training and community involvement, college prep and arts coaching. “197 students were accepted into college for the 2009-2010 year, representing 90% of HCZ high-school seniors.”

If you want to be truly inspired, check out the HCZ website for more information on what an impact this project has on families and children of NYC. Then, get involved! Be a part of this great movement—one that believes in the future and is committed to providing the best for children in its community here and now.

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Nation & World | More families going without enough food | Seattle Times Newspaper

Nation & World | More families going without enough food | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Did you see this article in which more families are going without enough food?  This is not news to us.  We have seen the rise in families using our food bank.  But we live in such a generous community that we have been able to meet the need.  We hope that soon the ecomony picks up, people find jobs and are able to meet their finaincial needs.  Until then, we will remain open to help those who need it.

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Summer Hunger in Montgomery County – washingtonpost.com


  Another article highlights the issue of hunger and children in the summers. This comments that Montgomery County reaches 86% of eligible students with its summer program, while the national average is 18%. 18% is abominable, but even 86% means that many children are going hungry in the summer….



‘Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer Break’ – washingtonpost.com


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Concerned about Homeless Children?

So are we. So is David Ashby, 14, of Orlando, FL. After learning that 70 students in his school were homeless, David decided to raise awareness of homelessness and its affects on children by walking. 1100 miles, to be exact. He will be walking from Orlando all the way to Washington, D.C., where he hopes to meet with President Obama. He’s had a serious family emergency and is delaying his walk a few days, but you can follow his progress here.

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School’s Out for Summer – Now What About Lunch?

What Happens to Kids in Free/Reduced School Lunch Programs During the Summer?.

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April Food Day!

Tired of salt in your morning coffee once a year on April Fool’s Day? Don’t want to worry about what pranks you’ll have to pull on your coworkers? Try something new this year!

Remember that on April 1, 2009, just like every other day of the year, people in our resource-wealthy country are hungry. Bloggers all across the country are uniting to post about April Food Day and raise awareness of food security issues. We’re asking that you make a donation to FamilyWorks, or to your local food bank. And instead of pranking your friends, families, and coworkers, please ask all of them to donate as well. Every dollar donated provides 7 meals, or 10 pounds of food! Thank you, and happy April Food Day!

Things to Consider:

  • 1 in 8 Americans is hungry.
  • 4 MILLION Americans receive assistance from Feeding America each WEEK!
  • Children who are hungry have delayed social, emotional, and educational development.
  • Millions of elderly Americans go to bed hungry every night!
  • In December 2008, Food Stamp participation was 31,784,453 people, the highest participation level on record, and an increase of nearly 700,000 individuals from November 2008.
  • All states reported increases in caseloads between December 2007 and December 2008. Ten states registered over-the-prior December percentage caseload increases above 20 percent: Idaho (30.4), Utah (29.8), Florida (28.7), Nevada (28.1), Arizona (24.3), Texas (24.1), Wisconsin (22.8), Maryland (22.0), Georgia (21.2), and Massachusetts (20.2).
  • A food stamp recipient receives only 78 cents per meal, on average.


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Washington in the Middle of the Pack on Child Homelessness

Washington state ranked dead-center, at number 25, in a report on child homelessness across the country. Read the Seattle PI article, and find links to the full report, below.

States ranked on response to homeless children.

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Join FamilyWorks in Olympia for Hunger Action Day!

FamilyWorks will be uniting with Children’s Alliance to represent children in our anti-hunger work. We will learn about the issues and how to discuss them, have lunch, and then lobby our legislators to make sure that children and food security are not forgotten in our state capital. Care to join us? For more information, please visit Hunger Action Day.

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