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FamilyWorks is at the Wallingford Farmer’s Market!

It’s official– the Wallingford Farmer’s Market is in full swing. You can pick up everything you need for a complete, delicious meal (along with caramels and ice cream for dessert!). Snap peas, edible flowers, cherries, green garlic, crisp apples, pasta, pastries, Patty Pan quesadillas, oh my! The farmers are friendly, the shoppers are happy, the children are playful–there’s no reason to not come visit the market! All of your non-food desires can be satisfied, too: Cascade Bicycles will answer all your cycling questions and give you great maps, the shops inside of the Wallingford Center offer 10% off deals if you show them your produce, and of course, you can chat with the lovely people from FamilyWorks!

You won’t miss our pretty purple tent. Stop by and pick up a calendar, or ask us how to get involved. When you support the farmers, you support the food bank. Yesterday, 67 pounds of produce was collected from farmers to donate to the FamilyWorks Food Bank! Thanks!

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The Food Bank Diet

One group in Toronto is asking a powerful and thought-provoking question: “Does a single person on social assistance receive enough income to live with health and dignity?”

Social assistance in Ontario is comparable to DSHS here in Washington State. Basically, if you are in financial need, you may qualify for Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support, which would help provide money for food and housing, employment assistance, and health care. But is it enough assistance? Do The Math is a campaign hosted by The Stop Community Food Centre located in Toronto that is battling this issue. They believe that there really is not enough assistance for people to live with health and dignity. See for yourself- check out their website and follow the “Take the Survey” link to see what financial alterations to your lifestyle you would need to make.

Read this article and tell us what you think. Could you live on a Food Bank diet? Can one trip to the food bank fill you up for the week?

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Beyonce Teams up with Feeding America

See how Beyonce is helping fight hunger – and join the cause if you can!

Show Your Helping Hand .

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Photo of the Day

Microsoft collected these cans and more as part of a Feeding America Food Drive. The food will be donated to local food banks. Thank you, Microsoft!



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Cora: Hungry in Seattle

washinton-large-21 in 8 is hungry in America. Here’s one of the people Feeding America chose to spotlight: Cora. She just happens to live in Seattle now, and builds community at Recovery Cafe. Who’s hungry in your life?

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FamilyWorks Annual Campaign Begins TODAY!

FamilyWorks’ Annual Campaign begins today! We need to raise $90,000 to continue to offer our many services to the community. Please visit our website today to make a donation, or call us at 206/694.6727 for more information. Thank you in advance for your support of FamilyWorks!

FamilyWorks, a food bank and family center, nourishes and strengthens individuals and families by connecting people with support, resources, and community.

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  • We all need food, connections to others, and access to information and resources to thrive.
  • Without the help of food from the food bank, many families would face even tougher decisions about whether to buy food, pay bills, or buy medicine.

“For now I ask no more than the justice of eating.” ~ Pablo Neruda.

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Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, Champion Feeding America Food Bank Supporters

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What’s Your Food IQ? For every correct answer, donors will donate!

Check out this quiz and see if you can beat FamilyWorks’ score. For each correct answer you choose, donors will contribute to Feeding America! Good luck!

America’s Second Harvest Is Now Feeding America: .

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Bread, Anyone? Toasted or Soft?


My Sister (by Will Burns)

It’s still early yet, but early indications suggest that the national April Food Day was quite the success! To all who participated and donated, thank you! Are you still feeling in the spirit of Food Banks, but out of cash? Well, problem solved. We’ve found a simple way to get someone else to donate money to local food banks: bread art. We actually found it a week or two ago, but we were hoping to put a lovely picture of our own bread art masterpiece up here, so we were waiting for approval. It is still not forthcoming. Thus, go and design your own bread art. (this is surprisingly entertaining), and then comment on this post with the name and category of your masterpieces once they’re approved, and we’ll proudly display them (instead of our own unapproved piece of toast) on this site! Best of all, for every one of your approved creations, $1 will be donated to Feeding America!

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April Food Day!

Tired of salt in your morning coffee once a year on April Fool’s Day? Don’t want to worry about what pranks you’ll have to pull on your coworkers? Try something new this year!

Remember that on April 1, 2009, just like every other day of the year, people in our resource-wealthy country are hungry. Bloggers all across the country are uniting to post about April Food Day and raise awareness of food security issues. We’re asking that you make a donation to FamilyWorks, or to your local food bank. And instead of pranking your friends, families, and coworkers, please ask all of them to donate as well. Every dollar donated provides 7 meals, or 10 pounds of food! Thank you, and happy April Food Day!

Things to Consider:

  • 1 in 8 Americans is hungry.
  • 4 MILLION Americans receive assistance from Feeding America each WEEK!
  • Children who are hungry have delayed social, emotional, and educational development.
  • Millions of elderly Americans go to bed hungry every night!
  • In December 2008, Food Stamp participation was 31,784,453 people, the highest participation level on record, and an increase of nearly 700,000 individuals from November 2008.
  • All states reported increases in caseloads between December 2007 and December 2008. Ten states registered over-the-prior December percentage caseload increases above 20 percent: Idaho (30.4), Utah (29.8), Florida (28.7), Nevada (28.1), Arizona (24.3), Texas (24.1), Wisconsin (22.8), Maryland (22.0), Georgia (21.2), and Massachusetts (20.2).
  • A food stamp recipient receives only 78 cents per meal, on average.


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