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PARTY for a Cause!

  (We’re re-posting this in case you missed it the first time.)
dine-in-withbuttonashxSo you want to have a dinner party? We thought you did. Sometime between now and the end of the 2009 calendar year, you are just dying to throw one (or many!) dinner party for a friend, a holiday, or yourself! Pledge to host a dinner party on this site, and – guess what? Stouffer’s will donate $5 to Feeding America to help fight childhood hunger! At this site, you can even download a host guide, invitations, a symbolic empty seat (for the hungry children you probably know but didn’t know were hungry), information, and even goodies for a little goody bag! Hey, if you don’t have someone to invite, chances are the staff and volunteers at FamilyWorks will come. Some of us are always hungry! (Just kidding. Mostly.)

Dine In To Fight Childhood Hunger.

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