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FamilyWorks is at the Wallingford Farmer’s Market!

It’s official– the Wallingford Farmer’s Market is in full swing. You can pick up everything you need for a complete, delicious meal (along with caramels and ice cream for dessert!). Snap peas, edible flowers, cherries, green garlic, crisp apples, pasta, pastries, Patty Pan quesadillas, oh my! The farmers are friendly, the shoppers are happy, the children are playful–there’s no reason to not come visit the market! All of your non-food desires can be satisfied, too: Cascade Bicycles will answer all your cycling questions and give you great maps, the shops inside of the Wallingford Center offer 10% off deals if you show them your produce, and of course, you can chat with the lovely people from FamilyWorks!

You won’t miss our pretty purple tent. Stop by and pick up a calendar, or ask us how to get involved. When you support the farmers, you support the food bank. Yesterday, 67 pounds of produce was collected from farmers to donate to the FamilyWorks Food Bank! Thanks!

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2009 Greenwood CoolMom & FamilyWorks Holiday Toy Swap‘n’Sale

Looking for some cool (inexpensive) toys for your kids? This November, FamilyWorks will collaborate with CoolMom.org in a first annual Swap n’ Shop Toy Sale.

The sale itself will be Saturday, November 14 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Woodland Park United Methodist Church, 302 North 78th St., Seattle, 98103. Please support us by donating your gently-used toys!

FamilyWorks & CoolMom.org Holiday Toy Swap‘n’Sale

Your toys will go to loving homes while raising money for CoolMom and FamilyWorks. FamilyWorks is a food bank and family resource center that nourishes and strengthens individuals and families by connecting people with support and resources. FamilyWorks offers gently used donated toys, books, infant clothing, and kids clothing to families.

Come to our first annual Swap n’ Shop Toy Sale and show us your support!

Thank you!


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Hunting and Gathering for Sustainability

Local farms, trying to stay afloat in this era of large agribusiness, are getting creative in their selling tactics. One local farm, in an effort to promote sustainability, invited several local top chefs to experience harvesting and butchering first-hand. These chefs butchered a goat, collected pine nuts from pine cones, and got milk for their cooking – all in one place. Sustainability, supporting the local economy, and getting in touch with one’s food – all admirable goals, if you have the stomach for it. Do you?

The Seattle Times: Local News: Tiny farm wants to change the world — one chef at a time.

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Food Issues Highlight Emerging Leaders in the Black Community – CNN.com

 What do you do if your son has food allergies, but the local grocery stores don’t carry the appropriate safe, organic produce? One Chicago woman, LaDonna Redmond, began to grow her own garden, supplying her son with the only produce she could guarantee was safe. Encouraged by Michelle  Obama’s planting a garden at the White House, Redmond continued to grow her produce, and made plans to open a neighborhood grocery store of her own: Graffiti and Grub. Leadership, community action, and ingenuity, as this article comments, are valued by and demonstrated within the black community. Click the photo or the link below to see other examples.


Emerging leaders energized in the black community – CNN.com.


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West Seattle Blog… » New food-bank garden needs someone who has a way with worms

We like to help out our friends in other areas of Seattle. Are you an experienced composter? Do you have a way with worms? Check out the link below to help the White Center Food Bank begin its new composting project!

West Seattle Blog… » New food-bank garden needs someone who has a way with worms.

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