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Wallingford Earth Day Happening 2009!

Sustainable Wallingford hosts the 39th Earth Day Happening on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Wallingford QFC parking lot 1801 N 45th Street. It’s A Giving Happening when you can give and receive free gifts in your community and care for your little bit of the planet. A Love-In follows the Happening for Happening volunteers. To volunteer click here

The Sustainable Wallingford Earth Day Happening features:

  • No Sale Bake Sale
  • Hamilton Middle School Band and Choir
  • Treebeard the Ent
  • Growing Food Growing Community free tomato plant starts
  • the Mobile Tire Inflation Station
  • Cascade Bicycle Club Ambassadors,
  • Seattle Climate Action Network offering free compact florescent bulbs
  • free Wallingford Community Preparedness kits
  • the Seattle Plastic Bag Monster,
  • FamilyWorks Wallingford Food Bank donations,
  • Lettuce Link and Friends of Fruit Trees,
  • Conversation and Storytime Corners,

  • Puget Sound Solar,
  • Community Giving Tables of gently used items small enough to carry such as, jigsaw puzzles, books, hand tools, and shoes,
  • and a place for many Wallingford artists, businesses, and residents like you to freely give and receive.

At the Sustainable Wallingford Earth Day Happening you have the opportunity to live mindfully in your community and joyfully on your planet. Because every day is Earth Day.

Community Contacts
(learn more at http://www.greenWallingford.ning.com)

  • Jessica Vets (206) 459-9786 Event Coordinator Email Jessica
  • Will Polk (206) 465-9203 Volunteer Coordinator Email Will
  • Cathy Tuttle (206) 547-9569 Sustainable Wallingford Facilitator Email Cathy

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Wallingford Politicos

Are you confused about which groups do what in Wallingford? You’re not alone. Thanks to our friends at Wallyhood Blog, we now have a handy little list of people in charge. Click on the links below to learn more about each, or check our BlogRoll to the right for more Wallingford links!

  • Wallingford Chamber of Commerce: Presided over by Kara Ceriello of Not A Number, the chamber represents the business interests.
  • Wallingford Community Council: One of the 23 community councils around the city, the WCC collects under the Lake District Council, which in turn collects under the Seattle City Council. Presided over by Mary Heim, it’s a quasi-governmental organization that deals primarily with land use and residential issues.
  • Wallingford Neighborhood Office: An off-shoot of neighborhood planning process of the 1990’s, this a civic organization that seeks to build community within Wallingford by fostering communication and sponsoring events such as the Seafair Kiddie Parade and the Garden Home Tour. Ably led by Janet Stillman.
  • Sustainable Wallingford: A hippie love fest of an organization (and we mean that in the kindest possible way), SW is “a group of neighbors and friends of Wallingford who meet every month to educate, participate, and celebrate.” They meet every second Saturday from 10 to noon at Mosaic Community Coffee House.

Thanks, Wallyhood!

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