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America Sees Boom in Volunteerism

Are you a volunteer? Do you feel like your actions contribute to the community? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone—you’re in good company! According to PARADE Magazine, we are in the “midst of a volunteer boom.” Recently, the good people at PARADE conducted a survey and found that out of 1008 participants, 94% feel that it is “important to be involved in a community cause.” This is great news for organizations like FamilyWorks that depend on the crucial work of volunteers. Gladys, who runs the teen parent program, knows firsthand the invaluable contributions made by volunteers. “If it wasn’t for volunteers who help me with my teen parent program, I would drive myself mad with all the extra little things!”

This past year there were about 308 volunteers who helped at FamilyWorks, both at the food bank and the resource center. These gracious people contributed over 7,000 hours of work. Most of what we offer here depends on the work of these volunteers. The FamilyWorks After School Program, for example, consists of 27 volunteers who show up on a weekly basis to help out elementary school students. These fine folks have contributed 385.5 hours of volunteer work to date since the start of the school year!

So what do YOU think? Has there been an increase in volunteerism? Do you feel more likely to volunteer or to bring your children to volunteer now compared to your parents?

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The Associated Press: 1 million more Americans volunteered in 2008

Food Bank Staff and Volunteers

Food Bank Staff and VolunteersAt FamilyWorks we rely heavily on volunteer support to nourish and strengthen families at the food bank and resource center.  If this inspires you, please contact Kate to learn about the volunteer openings at FamilyWorks.


The Associated Press: 1 million more Americans volunteered in 2008.

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Volunteer Update

FamilyWorks is now accepting volunteers for many positions, from food bank line workers to food bank stockers to a Farmers’ Market Greeter (shifts on Wednesdays 3-7). We are also looking for volunteer acoustic musicians to play in our hallway during food bank hours. Are you interested in volunteering with FamilyWorks? If so, please contact Kate via email. Thank you!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Here is a suggestion for a gift for the fathers in your life on Father’s Day. Click on the photo or the link below to hear one blogger’s idea of how to create family bonds, give back, and make your father (and yourself) feel worthwhile. Please call FamilyWorks if you are interested in volunteering with us!

Father’s Day: Forget the wallet and BBQ pit this year. Give back. We can help. « Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Blog.

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