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An Interesting Option to Avoid Layoffs

Many states, including Washington, have an interesting option to avoid layoffs in the bad economy: work-share. Instead of cutting people’s jobs, several people work fewer hours per week. The lost hours are at least partially subsidized by unemployment aid. The extra time can be spent looking for other employment, or at leisure. This way, the companies keep their trained/skilled labor, and the employees keep their jobs and (as required by the state) their benefits. When the economy picks up again, the employees go back to full-time, and no training or hiring time is required. The problem, of course, is twofold: 1) many states don’t have a program set up and don’t have the resources to set one up in the current bad economy, and even those states that do have to do outreach to sign up individual companies, and; 2) because much of the low-income sector involves unskilled, low-trained workers, this program would not interest the employers of the low-income, and thus the numerical majority of our society is unlikely to benefit from this program. Nevertheless, it is an interesting potential layoff-avoidance strategy. Click on the photo for the full story.

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A Dubious Honor for WA State – Child Food Insecurity

Washington is in the upper half of the list of states – which, in this case, is a dubious achievement. We rank 18th in the nation for highest child hunger rates for children under 5. Even more alarmingly, we rank 12th for children under 18. Our rates are approaching 20%! Please consider supporting your local food bank to help alleviate these stunning statistics. We provide food to families, helping children and other members of our community receive the nutrition that we all deserve. FamilyWorks begins our 2009 Annual Campaign tomorrow! Check back for more information, or call us at 206/694.6727. If you can’t help financially, please consider donating a smaller item, like bus tickets to help our customers reach the food bank without having to pay. Check our Wish List (click on the tab just under our purple logo) for up-to-the-minute requests. Thanks as always for your help!

Child Food Insecurity in the United States: 2005 — 2007 .

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Washington Receives School Lunch Grant

Washington State has applied for and received a grant to determine efficacy of its school lunch program, especially for nutritionally at-risk students.

Release No. 0158.09.

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Washington in the Middle of the Pack on Child Homelessness

Washington state ranked dead-center, at number 25, in a report on child homelessness across the country. Read the Seattle PI article, and find links to the full report, below.

States ranked on response to homeless children.

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WA lawmakers: Without tax increase, education at risk | Politics Video |

What do you think? Should we raise taxes to prevent cuts of education? Or is there another way to balance the budget? If we have to make cuts, who should get cut first? Check out King 5’s story above.

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Washington to trash 65,000 WASL tests

Washington decided not to allow early WASL testing – to save money. Unfortunately, 65,000 WASL tests had already been printed by the time they made the decision. So all 65,000 of those tests have now been trashed. Yes, you read that right – TRASHED! (Unfortunately, the WASL itself was not trashed….) What? You like the WASL? Hate it? Hm. Comment away…. Full story below:

Washington to trash 65,000 WASL tests.

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Some Families in Crisis are Turned Away

The PI Reports here

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